Safe Composition of Autonomous applications with Large-SCALE Execution environment

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Scale is an i3S project (UniCA and CNRS) of the COMRED team.
It used to be a joint team between i3S and INRIA Côte d’Azur until Dec 2015.

The common research direction of Scale is to tame the complexity of efficient and easy to program parallel and distributed applications, that is exhibited by large-scale multi-level parallelism. We are in particular interested by stream processing systems, or any sort of processing systems that must handle huge and dynamic volume of data. We are also interested in modeling and verifying such systems.

More precisely, members of the team research interests range from high level programming models to mid-level ones (message passing), including software components, objects, active objects, high-level parallel models (skeletons, BSP, etc) for multi core, GPU,  clouds, etc, and combinations of these. Considering cross-cutting concerns like autonomicity, self-adaptation for instance, at both functional and non-functional levels. Also, considering the seek properties of programs that well chosen programming language constructs can guarantee. Of crucial interest are the middleware supporting such sorts of distributed and parallel approaches and applications, and how to tune them adequately.